Bindani by Jigar and Nikita, The label is a contemporary take on nuanced Indian Bridal Couture. Mumbai-based designers Jigar and Nikita have been together since 2012. Driven by a joint pursuit of passion, they dropped out of their respective professions and established their labor of love - Bindani.



Founded in the year 2015, opulent yet elegant, the ensembles bring contemporary aesthetics and constantly push the boundaries of aspirational luxury Couture.   Clean lines, delicate details, and a hint of drama are Bindani’s impressions that have made the brand stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.

the founders

Jigar & Nikita

In 2019, the duo launched their first retail store in Santa Cruz, Mumbai. With a couple of embroiders, now a team of more than 400 enthusiastic artisans and craftsmen has been built up. An immortal spirit they set out to work on making Bindani a more prestigious brand.

The label focuses on producing an array of sumptuous couture pieces for men and women and tries to find a balance in creating timeless pieces that are forever treasured. Jigar and Nikita have designed for a plethora of Bollywood celebrities, including the likes of Soha Ali Khan and Nupur Sanon.


parde ke peeche

At Bindani, we believe in engineering intricate details and exquisite craftsmanships. Here workforce have influential input in the company to explore their skills and simultaneously evolving in their craft, creating a hallmark of the Bindani brand.

the story behind the label

There’s a story in every fold & curve of each ensemble. Treasure your special moments with these time – honoured pieces from Bindani crafted by passionate artisans working relentlessly to craft every piece a notch higher than the previous ensemble.